How It Works

WeHomeowners is a social networking and sharing portal site of homeowners, by homeowners and for homeowners.

Our immediate mission is to help homeowners with various methods to generate cash or monthly cash flows through sharing home equity, cash flow responsibilities, renting out un-used rooms, selling, renting or swapping under-utilized and unwanted household items, pooled car rides, … etc. under the new concept of collaborative consumption or a new sharing economy in local neighborhoods. The inaugural methods we would like to focus on are:

1. Rent-a-room Home Sharing Service.

2. FARJHO Equity Sharing Service via FARJHO stands for Flexible And Reversible Joint Home Ownership. It is a new way to share partial home equity with other joint property investors on a flexible and eventually reversible basis. This service will be provided by WeHomeowners’ home equity crowdfunding affiliate at for a fee. Since the crowdfunding regulatory provisions will only be published by SEC in January, this service will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

3. SwapRent Cash Flow Sharing Service via SwapRent is a new way for homeowners to share a portion of the appreciation rights and depreciation loss obligations with an arms-length third party investor though letting the investor carry a portion of the monthly cash flow responsibility such as the monthly mortgage payments.

In addition, WeHomeowners also provide the following functions for free to its users.

1. It helps members of HOAs (Home Owners Associations) throughout the country with a free account for communicating with their home owner associations.

2. It acts as a bulletin board to assist homeowners with neighborhood local school issues.

3. It helps local governments disseminate information to local citizens.

4. It helps homeowners to report their local neighborhood issues with local governments of their own towns, cities, counties or states.